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Nortus Gym is regarded as one of the best Commercial Strength Equipment Suppliers in India. It makes us feel to go with your expectations indeed. Our strength equipment has been designed to accomplish all our needs from facilities big and small. The best thing is that we are here to accomplish all requirements related to the gym.

Whether you want to establish a home gym or commercial gym, Nortus Gym is the best option to go ahead. We are going with the motto to bring the best quality equipment to you. Being one of the best Commercial Strength Equipment Suppliers in Delhi, we put the best efforts to make our customers highly satisfied and the happiest.

Choosing this one of the highly respected Commercial strength equipment manufacturers will not regret you over your decision ever. We hold vast experience and adhere to come up with the most reliable equipment. Check out the wide collection to choose the one and place your order

Our Commercial Strength Equipment Series consists of heavy-duty weight training machines that are a must in a gym. The equipment is engineered to perfection by our expert engineers. High-quality raw materials are used to manufacture the equipment. They are extensively tested for their performance and durability.

Nortus Gym Equipment presents an impressive range of Commercial Strength Equipment designed to elevate your fitness facility to new heights. Among its offerings, the PEC FLY REAR DELT MACHINE stands out as a versatile and essential piece for a complete workout regimen.


Achieve comprehensive upper body development with the Multi Press. Engage chest, shoulders, and triceps effectively, ensuring a balanced and efficient workout routine.


Assist users in performing dips and chin-ups safely. This machine caters to various fitness levels, making challenging exercises more accessible.


Target your back and arm muscles through lat pulldowns and rows. This equipment promotes a strong and defined upper body.


Strengthen hip adductors and abductors with the Inner-Outer Thigh machine, crucial for overall lower body stability and balance.


Develop powerful leg muscles while minimizing stress on the joints. The Leg Press Machine is a cornerstone for lower body strength training.


Isolate biceps and triceps for focused arm development. This machine allows for precise control over these key muscle groups.


Ensure well-rounded leg strength by targeting hamstrings and quadriceps separately. This dual-purpose machine aids in preventing muscle imbalances.


Strengthen wrists and forearms, enhancing grip and overall upper body performance. This often-overlooked area is vital for functional fitness.


Work on core stability and lower back strength through specialized movements. This equipment supports overall spinal health and posture.


Perform a variety of compound movements safely. The Smith Machine offers guided barbell exercises for muscle building and strength.


Experience dynamic resistance training with cable crossovers. Target multiple muscle groups, fostering balanced muscular development.


Equip your gym with high-quality Olympic weight plates for progressive strength training. Versatile and essential for various exercises.


Isolate and enhance triceps strength while seated comfortably. This machine provides optimal support for effective triceps workouts.


Build a robust chest foundation through flat pressing movements. This machine ensures precise muscle engagement and growth.


Incorporate free weightsOLYMPIC INCLINE BENCH for functional and stabilizing workouts. Dumbbells offer limitless exercise possibilities for all fitness levels.


Add variety to chest training with the Decline Press machine. Target the lower chest and enhance overall pectoral development


Support heavy lifting and varied exercises with a sturdy Olympic Flat Bench. A staple for strength and hypertrophy training.


Target upper chest and shoulders with inclined movements. This bench variation diversifies your chest workout routine.


Elevate powerlifting and strength training with the Power Rack. Perform squats, bench presses, and more safely with adjustable features.


Strengthen core and hip flexors through dip leg raises. This equipment supports bodyweight exercises for an effective ab workout.


Accommodate a range of dumbbell and barbell exercises with a comfortable Seated Bench. Enhance upper body strength and stability.


Develop lower back and posterior chain strength. Hyper Extensions are essential for preventing injuries and promoting balanced muscle development.


Organize and store bars efficiently, promoting a clean and organized gym environment. This accessory contributes to a seamless workout experience.


Nortus Gym Equipment's Commercial Strength offerings provide diverse tools to create a well-rounded fitness experience. Elevate your facility with these machines, enabling users to embark on their fitness journey with confidence and efficiency.
The ( internal linking Steam And Saunaenables the body to recover after a strenuous workout. While the steam bath has higher humidity, the sauna bath has comparatively less steam. These are important additions to a gym. We provide Steam And Sauna bath setups in Delhi NCR at affordable prices.

Discover Our Latest Collection Of Plate Loaded Free Weight Series In India

Nortus Fitness is one stop station for all your Gym Equipment related needs. We are one of the trusted Plate Loaded Free Weight Series Manufacturers in India who manufactures every product with utmost precision using cut-edge tools and modern machinery. Our Plate Loaded Free Weight Series in India improves your exercising experience and performance of the body. We have Treadmills, Weight Lifting machines, Gym Dumbbell, and whatnot in Kiphire, Chanakyapuri, Liberia. We ensure the quality and safety of our Plate Loaded Free Weight Series before delivering them to the end user. We offer the notable Plate Loaded Free Weight Series in India that gives an enjoyable exercising experience to the customers. Our Plate Loaded Free Weight Series is designed with advanced technology and anti-corrosive materials to ensure their user-friendly design and longevity.

Why Is Our Plate Loaded Free Weight Series Leading The Industry?

We have a wide range of Exercise bikes, Crossfit Equipment, and Gym machines in India that are designed in various patterns. Our highly trained and experienced professionals double-check the quality standard. We never compromise with the safety of our Plate Loaded Free Weight Series so keep an eye on every minute detail during the manufacturing process. We are one of the leading Plate Loaded Free Weight Series Exporters In Uttam Nagar, Chile, Nigeria, who is here to cater to your need for customized Plate Loaded Free Weight Series. This quality makes us a renowned name in the domain.

A Call Away From You| Available Everywhere

Nortus Fitness is one of the tremendous Plate Loaded Free Weight Series Suppliers In India, and we are here to supply the Plate Loaded Free Weight Series to every part of the world. So make your order for an excellent Gym Weight, Leg Workout Machine, Weight Lifting Machine, and other products in India in a click. We fabricate your order and deliver it to you. We are known for our quality and price. We offer premium quality Plate Loaded Free Weight Series in India at the most affordable price. So call us now. We are capable of bearing your Plate Loaded Free Weight Series need from Nebraska, Patel Nagar, Wokha. So without thinking anymore, take the conversation ahead with our experts and let them clear your doubts. Call us on the given number or drop an email to us. We are happy to help you.

Nortus Fitness is one of the credible Plate Loaded Free Weight Series Manufacturers in Delhi. We have a wide range of products designed with cutting-edge technology and the best resources. Our team of experts and highly trained professionals do complete research and formulate the best possible Plate Loaded Free Weight Series for you. We have a set of procedures to design and check the performance of Plate Loaded Free Weight Series on multiple grounds before delivering them to the customers. We work on our toes to bring nothing but the best and strictly follow the industry norms.

Here is the list of several equipments that we have on our side to make you fit and healthy. Here are they:
  • Gym Equipment
  • Commercial Gym Equipment
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Crossfit Equipment
  • Gym Cardio Machine
  • Multi-Station Gym Equipment
  • Walking Machine
  • Cardio Fitness Equipment
  • Shoulder Press Machine
  • Weight Lifting Machine
  • Exercise Cycle
  • Gym Dumbbell
  • Treadmill

Yes, we provide the installation services for a Plate Loaded Free Weight Series to you. Our passionate and highly trained experts never mind walking the extra mile to offer you the best. They are trained to meet all challenges during installation and offer to transform your place in the lovable gym. So rely on us for safe and appealing installation.

Yes, we believe in supplying what our client demand. Our well-qualified team works beyond the boundaries to customize as per your need. So feel free to contact us for the customized Plate Loaded Free Weight Series and get the desired one ready with utmost precision with us.

The time of the production process depends on the quantity of your order. It usually takes 5-10 weeks, but we give the exact figure of the production time only after the placement of the order from your side. We are committed to producing the Plate Loaded Free Weight Series in the minimum possible time. So for fastest delivery rely on us.

Yes, we deliver the Plate Loaded Free Weight Series to every corner of the world. So if you are from outside India, don’t think and don’t even hesitate. We are there for you to offer you the best quality Plate Loaded Free Weight Series in a call. So talk to our experts now for more information. We are happy to help you.

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